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Increased discretion, longer-lasting effects, a healthier consumption method, a different kind of high, these are some of the selling points that edible cannabis has over traditional smokable cannabis or vape. And if you are looking for quality cannabis-infused food products, whether you are making your first foray into the world of edibles or an experienced consumer, look no further than Twisted Extracts, one of Canada’s favourite cannabis brands.

Established in 2015, Twisted Extracts is a group of cannabis and confection experts that crafts edible cannabis products, famed as the creator behind the much-beloved Jelly Bomb. With a promise of quality for their consumer, they offer a variety of edibles for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Their product lineup includes:

  • The Jelly Bomb line of cannabis gummies. Each Jelly Bomb is divided into 8 equal sections for easy consumption and measurement of dosage. They come in a variety of THC and CBD compositions, including CBD only, each sporting multiple flavor options, to fill any of your needs from releasing pain, to assisting sleep, to fueling creativity. Jelly Bombs are made from Twisted Extracts’ proprietary strains of Sativa and Indica cannabis, and they also offer a full spectrum line of Jelly Bomb made from the Halley’s Comet strain.
  • Cara-Melts cannabis candies. Rich and creamy, these individually wrapped candies made from the same two proprietary strains of cannabis used in their Jelly Bomb ensures that their beloved effect profile is preserved. The Cara-Melts line also offers a selection of THC and CBD compositions, including CBD only, so you can pick and choose one that is best for your liking. These are perfect for those looking for a different taste or an even more discrete method of consumption.
  • The latest member in Twisted Extracts’ product lineup is their oil drops. Made up of just cannabis extracts and avocado oil, consumers are presented with a choice between extracts from either of their proprietary Sativa strain, Indica strain, or CBD, each with several choices of extract to oil ratio. These oil drops make incorporating THC and CBD into your everyday activity quick and easy.
  • If you think that the expansive selection of available products is paralyzing, or if you have a friend or family you would like to introduce to these products, the Twisted Extracts team has your back. With their Twisted Sampler Box, containing one of each product in their lineup, you or someone you know can experience everything Twisted Extracts has to offer, and see which works best. On top of that, each box includes a stylish Twisted t-shirt and toque, along with a Cannabis Safety Guide.

Twisted Extracts take the quality of their products very seriously. From the get-go, they oversee the cultivation of their crops, controlling the process from the planting of the seeds. The cannabis in their products is guaranteed to be infused and not sprayed, and the oil used in their infusion is tested before and after production to ensure consistent and accurate dosage in every package. All the tests are carried out at Health Canada approved laboratories, and a copy of their test result is publicly available on their website. On top of that, each product is carefully hand-wrapped for the highest degree of quality assurance to every consumer.

More than a provider, Twisted Extracts is an advocate. Despite having been legalized, there is still an undeniable stigma surrounding the use of cannabis. Knowing this and recognizing their role as a leading name in this industry, Twisted Extracts aims to educate, with a dedicated section of their website for informing and teaching the public of the benefits of cannabis and help lift the cloud of stigma. They directly support initiatives of the same cause such as Move the Movement, The Good Vibes Tour, and donate supplies to help combat the opioid crisis. Not ignoring the industry side of the conversation, Twisted Extracts value mindful partnership, working closely with their Craft Grower Community to deliver the highest quality cannabis to their consumer in a responsible, conscious manner.

So, with all that said, where can you find Twisted Extracts products? As of the writing of this article, Twisted Extracts is offered at numerous trusted online dispensaries: Reefside Therapeutics, Theralife,, and more.

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