What are HCFSE Diamonds?

It may come as a shock to many when they find out how marijuana extraction can formulate hundreds of products. These HCFSE diamonds are a fantastic compound among the classification of HCFSE Extracts & Budder. The online dispensary TerraCannabis has exclusivity on several marijuana strains and is well-known for their services and products.

HCFSE Diamonds

Unlike the typical concentrates available with higher cannabinoids, the high Cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts these compounds are made by extracting the entire plant while it is frozen and with a volatile compound such as bromance and propane. When it reaches 90% of THCa, the compound becomes waxy and sticky with a light amber color and is in the form of tiny THC crystals known as sugar.

The HCFSE Extracts & Budder are also a type of sugar, but a little more buttery, and doesn’t have that pale crystal effect. Hence the sugar formation is known as diamonds. Get more information on extracts and budder at TerraCannabis

Formation and Use

After the extraction of compounds from the entire plant, the extraction includes cannabinoids such as THC, THCa, CBD, and CBD. These are the known compounds, but the latter consumes over 400 cannabinoids and a lower profile of terpenes. The raw form of this extracted compound is called resin. When it is heated, the THCa and THC Are added back to it, forming a sticky and more crystalline compound that has three times more THCa in the diamonds.

Similar to all other products, these crystals are inhaled and even dabbed with a bong or a bibe. The crystals, when heard, are converted to THC, which is psychoactive and highly euphoric. The THC vapors are inhaled and exhaled rather quickly and do not require more long time.


These HCSFE diamonds are a more potent and quick way to get THC into the body system and initiate the euphoric and mind-stimulating effects. The effects are more mood improving, energizing the body, a euphoric mindset, and alleviating painful symptoms.


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