Live rosin vs. live resin: Extracts explained

Are you someone who wants to try cannabis for the first time but does not know what the difference between rosin and resin are? When it comes to cannabis extracts, there is a variety to choose from; however, in this article, we will help you distinguish these two widely known extracts. If you wish to know more about the cannabis extract and different cannabis products explore best online dispensary doobdasher.

Understanding cannabis rosin

To start off, cannabis rosin is a type of concentrate which is essentially found from live rosin. The substance itself is a rather sticky, brownish amber type and can be regarded as a solvent-less concentrate. This type of concentrate lacks the essential chemicals needed to feel the “high” and so is used by many health-conscious users.

Making rosin

Many people find this surprising to believe, but the process of making rosin cannabis extracts is a simple and quick one. You could simply start by exposing the cannabis part of the flower, which contains the rosin, and heat it under high pressure. You can make it at home as well by using a flat iron as a source of heat and pressure to separate the rosin from the flower.

Live resin

The other kind of cannabis extracts is live resin which is a higher concentrate than live rosin. This type of concentrate contains all types of chemicals and other compounds, such as trichomes and cannabinoids. The live resin is quite popular among those who love cannabis extracts.

Process of making resin

Many people refer to live resinas as “fresh frozen” because of the way it is cultivated and manufactured to produce cannabis extract. The overall extraction process of live resin involves the use of solvents such as carbon dioxide and/ or ethanol. Find out more at doobdasher


So these were the two different kinds of cannabis extracts that are widely being used around the world by lovers of cannabis. When it comes to Cannabis extracts products, doobdasher offers cannabis lovers pure Cannabis extracts products that help in medical treatment. Go on and get your favorite cannabis extracts at doobdasher!



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