How to smoke weed for maximum enjoyment: best ways to smoke weed

Are you trying to get the maximum out of your weed? There are plenty of things you can do to enhance your effect. Smoking weed is not just an act; it is an entire experience. There are many ways to consume weed and marijuana, but the Best ways to smoke weed can help you achieve the maximum high! doob dasher is an online dispensary that offers weed and if you are the one who are searching for some amazing strains must explore doob dasher.

The Mains

The basic effect causing factors of weed is the strain you select. The Sativa strain is higher in THC levels; there are strains that have 80% THC levels and give a very powerful buzz as well. But it is not just about the strain; it is the preparation and mode of consumption that affects the high. The best ways to smoke depend on personal preferences. Some like a joint some opt for bongs. There is no right way to have it, but there are ways to get the maximum effect out of the given dose.

Enhance the Effect

No matter how many Best ways to smoke are presented to you, the decision lies in your hand. It is your sense of smell and your comfort with a mode that allows you to have the highest effect. Usually, weed users smoke it on empty stomachs; the joint on an empty stomach hits way faster and remains for a very long period. The high is mental with bodily relaxation. Get the best strains at doob dasher

  1. Blunts

To end up on a potato couch, you can always try getting blunt and smoking it. The thicker and wrapped in a cigar wrapper intensifies the hit ten times higher. It is the effect of tobacco that aids in the maximum effect of the weed. The potency and duration increase ten folds.

  1. Bongs

A safer and thicker smoke being inhaled directly from a bong hits the right spot. The wet smoke from the bong mixed with pure weed gives a heavy mental and body high.


Having told Best ways to smoke along with the distribution of premium weed strains, doob dasher aim in healing those in need with effective doses. It’s never too late to start!


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