Twisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 Cannabis Oil Drops (75mg THC + 225mg CBD)

Simple, natural and versatile products from CBD Oil Canada. The new Twisted Extracts Drops, proudly offered CBD Oil Canada by  are made with only two ingredients; cannabis extract and avocado oil. Whatever your dose, these drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD Oil Canada products into your daily routine. Add it to your coffee or mix it into a salad dressing, the possibilities are endless.

CBD Oil Canada carries the best Twisted Extract tinctures online for you to enjoy!


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Recently there has been a great deal of interest in the therapeutic benefits of CBD.  For those looking to benefit from an increased sense of overall well being, there are suddenly a huge range of CBD products on the market.  Perhaps the most convenient method of consuming CBD is using a concentrate in the form of oil. Twisted Extracts produce some of the highest quality cannabis products on the market.  Specific strains of cannabis are carefully selected at buy my weed online and in the refining process the CBD is removed from the plants by diluting it with avocado oil.

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