LIVE RESIN: What’s that, and why is it so wonderful?

LIVE RESIN: What’s that, and why is it so wonderful?

It is colorful, clustered, and becoming more and more popular. In this post, we teach you more if you haven’t heard about live resin before. Whoever likes BHO or Butane Hash Oil will know what we’re talking about.

What is Live Resin?

If you like, the live resin has been identified as a significant variant of Tale of two strains BHO, level up. While BHO is used for dry buds, the ‘quick freeze’ item takes advantage of live resin.

Why does this matter? When they come into your home, frozen vegetables have a better nutritional benefit than fresh vegetables. It may look like a cannabis detour, but it’s significant.

As soon as the fresh veg is dug up and shipped to the closest supermarket, it starts to decay. A considerable proportion of the nutrients have gone before it hits the dining table. The same goes for hemp. As soon as you cut and leave those buds, they tend to degrade. Drying and recovery aid to stop this cycle.

You hold all this natural goodness if you freeze weed very quickly, and it doesn’t start to decay. It also ensures that as you wish to create a concentrate, you will extract further.

Live Resin Has an enhanced taste and Flavor.

It is the quality of live resin that makes people connect, particularly those who love concentrate. We also explore the drying and treatment process of cannabis and how this can be done over time if you want a fine, natural product.

Essentially, it’s almost like producing wine where the wine first gets bottled and then matures over time, and the longer it’s stored, the better it gets. But The curing process has its drawbacks. This is mainly applied to terpenes. While many people think of THC and CBD in cannabis, the herb often comprises a broad spectrum of useful elements that make up the whole plant.

  • Terpenes are floral extracts naturally produced by the herb and may often add a different distinctive taste.
  • Their natural aim is to prevent predators as the plant grows, and, depending on the strain of the cannabis plant, there can be 100 distinct types.
  • Terpenes can also yield several effects. Many are going to relax you; some of them have an excellent therapeutic effect. There are several research currently underway on these elements, and a lot remains to be discovered.

The concern is that during the usual treatment phase, terpenes will be destroyed. Indeed, approximately half of it will rot and disappear. However, all of this can be saved instantly by freezing dried weeds, which is why you get this concentrate to enhance your taste.

Tale of two strains Live resin has distinct properties than traditional BHO when you take a near look at it. However, what you get is a superior smell and flavor, so it is now so popular among cannabis customers.

Live Resin ‘health effects.’

For medicinal purposes, many people use cannabis, especially in severe pain and anxiety. High concentrations such as live resins can help to ease several symptoms, and terpenes can also provide more health advantages than just fantastic flavor and taste, at least according to research. There is still a lot of work to be done in this area, but further surprises may come around the corner when we continue to know the truth regarding cannabis and how terpenes impact health.

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