Green Society  Unparalleled Version of Kosher Kush

Green Society Firebars has introduced Kosher Kush to its online inventory of weed—The Green Room.

This is a strain that for many years, has been a mystery with many stating that it is an OG Kush descendant. Even the growers can only guess of its genetic composition, making it a mystery. Its origins are however known—California, and it was formerly called JG-Jew Gold, before the name Kosher Kush stuck with users. Changing its name was however, a move to delineate it from any racial controversy. The name Kosher sounded less offensive than Jew Gold.

Kosher Kush effects however, come with a disclaimer, particularly for new users who need to understand that the strain’s sleepiness can advance to very overwhelming stages. This trait has however, made the product preferable in the treatment of insomnia as sleep is a great desire for those suffering from this disease. In cases of extreme anxiety and stress, this product is also your ideal solution.

What makes the Kosher Kush in Green Society’s inventory unique is that it exceeds the average THC levels of 19-23% known for the strain, that is, it has a THC level of 29%. This makes the quality of its high unparalleled, and is ideal therefore for those looking for a long-lasting buzz of euphoria.

The Green Society.

Green Society, Firebars is an official online store where you can get all your favorite versions of marijuana, in all its forms. It is a site with certified products, and with a 24/7 support team that will assist customers who might need to consult regarding some of the products they aspire to add to their cart. This site also has a money back guarantee for any complains made by customers regarding quality. If you are seeking for the best weed in Canada, then Green Society is definitely your trusted partner.

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