Hybrid Strain- What is Hybrid Marijuana?

If I were to tell you that instead of purchasing Sativa and Indica strain separately, you can opt for a strain that already has the combined effect? Yes, as crazy as it may sound, Ganjaexpress offers amazing Hybrid strains for those who seek a blend of both strains and need it for their medical issues. The online dispensary Ganjaexpress excels in distributing therapeutic marijuana all over Canada.

The Hype

As you know, cannabis is composed of terpenes, some acids, aromatics, and, most importantly, cannabinoids. Which are THC and CBD. Though CBD is held higher in medical treatments, THC is also essential as a therapeutic cannabinoids. Similarly, a marijuana plant can be either Sativa, which means right with THC, or Indica that is heavy in CBD. When it comes to having Hybrid strains, it has effects on both Sativa and Indica, making it a well-balanced strain with enhanced healing effects.


Why A Hybrid?

When it comes to therapeutics, the cultivation of these strains from Ganjaexpress and the effects on every individual are taken into consideration. The aim is to enhance the advantages such as relaxation, anti-inflammatory effects, analgesia, and mental stimulation. But it also eliminates the negatives such as being a couch potato, hallucinations, and other unwanted effects.

Types of Hybrid Marijuana

On a very basic level, there are many strains cultivated by dispensaries for therapeutic use; these hybrids are categorized as;

  1. 1. Sativa dominant, which has a higher THC level and is accounted for by a strong head buzz and mental stimulation. People wanting to uplift their mood, fight anxiety or depression and focus on their daily routine opt for this strain.
  2. 2. Indica dominant strain has amazing effects, which accounts for body relaxation and feeling of heavy limbs. It is usually for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, etc.
  3. 50 – 50 hybrid strain, having a balanced Sativa and Indica effect, maintains a good euphoric buzz and relaxes the muscles. Usually taken during the day; People who have suffered traumatic incidents in the past have been known to be treated with these strains.


Making pain alleviation easier and much more effective, the Ganjaexpress has offered an amazing hybrid strain for medical use. Get your strain now and have a pain-free life.


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