Ganja Express  Weed is said to make exercise more fun as it allows fitness enthusiasts to overcome the mental fatigue associated with intense activities. However, being high on weed can be unsafe if you don’t have spatial awareness and are trying more high-risk maneuvers. Working out safely while high on marijuana requires a degree of sharp judgment and common sense.

Exercise safely

Marijuana isn’t just associated with the munchies anymore. New anecdotal evidence and studies suggest that marijuana can significantly improve performance at the gym because it makes difficult exercise routines more fun. Marijuana is a popular substance because it can make workouts less painful, anxiety-provoking, and more fun.

With that said, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind the next time you use cannabis before your workout sessions.

Always Start With a Small Dose

It can be hard to predict how your body will react to previously untested dosages of cannabis from Ganja Express. This means you should always see your response to low dosages of the substance before working your way up to higher dosages. As a rule, consume less weed than you think you need.

The goal is to induce a mild high but without incapacitating you and leaving you vulnerable to damage at the gym. Try to pick high-quality strains and use low to medium potency weed where the content of THC is between 20% to 25%.

Always Use Vaporizers as a Delivery Method

How you consume your Ganja Express weed before a workout is important. For best results, you need something that can kick in faster. This is why vaporizers are efficient because they can sidestep the digestion process and allow THC to come on much quicker.

Vaporizers from Ganja Express also let you control your dosages. You could take one or two inhales and increase that to control how high you get.

Pick Activities That Don’t Require Situational Awareness

Not everyone should exercise while high because they may not be able to maintain situational awareness. The best activities to perform while high include running on the treadmill, weightlifting (with low weights), hiking, and using a stationary bike at home.

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