How medical Mushrooms can support your immune system

Immunity is what mainly keeps a human body alive and disease-free. There are no shortcuts in achieving good immunity, but you can surely get a boost of immunity with the Ganjaexpress amazing medicinal Mushrooms offered all across Canada. Being healthy and fit has actually become easy and achievable.

Medicinal Mushrooms are no different than the ones grown at home or found anywhere. It is the quality and dosing being efficiently handled as the distributor delivers them. Find out more about the effects of psylocybin at Ganjaexpress

Immunity and psilocybin

Immunity comes from our T and B cells which need different factors and proper nutrition to make antigens and other cells to fight off the foreign particles such as bacteria and even viruses. The Medicinal Mushrooms have beta-glucans which are polysaccharides needed to fight toxins and reduce inflammations, as inflammation is a sign of marked immunodeficiency.

The shrooms are like super foods; they offer immunity and strength to the cells that are the first line of immunity for our bodies. Ingesting these fungi maintains a balance.

Mechanism of Immunity

When the body is weak, it is prone to be attacked by different harmful bodies, such as bacteria and viruses. But sometimes, when the body’s immune system is weak as well, the immune cells can be easily triggered by even dust particles and cause a full-blown immune reaction.

The medicinal Mushrooms  from Ganjaexpress are packed nutrients that provide the body with all the nutrients and factors that make your immune system healthy and sufficient.

Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Choline, and antioxidants are the most important factors that immune cells harbor for better functioning. The vimains not only replenish the cells, but the antioxidants help in clearing out the toxins and the by-products. They work like scavengers that clean the immune system and then replenish the cells that are required for fighting off the foreing particles.

The effects of these psilocybin mushrooms are known to be anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating.


Boost your immunity with Ganjaexpress amazing medicinal Mushrooms, which are safe and secure to use for therapeutic purposes. The ten years of experience speaks for itself!


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