How Long Before The Mushrooms Kick In?

If you are really looking for magic to add in your life, the Ganja express is the one to ask for it. Like some fairy dust, the online dispensary offers amazing magic Mushrooms to anyone in need; Exercising their ten years of experience in cultivating, dosing, and distributing these shrooms to change lives.

Consuming Mushrooms

For the psilocybin fungi to kick in time, they should be ingested, usually dried, or the caps directly. But you can also add them to your foods and drinks to enhance the flavor and also make it easy to consume. The magic Mushrooms from Ganja express take its time to distribute throughout the body. The shrooms are excreted through the urine by metabolizing in the kidney like most of drugs.

The big Question- Onset

Unlike Cannabis and its products, Mushrooms take their time to transform into their metabolites and by-products. Usually, the effects start within one hour of ingestion, but the effect comes in phases. The phase of Trans is the last one and can be a bad trip as well. That is why it is better to let professionals take care of the dosage. The effect stays for almost 4- 6 hours.

  1. The early onset

It takes roughly 20 minutes for the onset of the shroom; the initial effects are mildly nausea as the effects are similar to that of LSD. It takes almost one hour or even 40 minutes for the early signs of effects. These magic Mushrooms can be detected until 8 hours.

  1. High

The high slowly creeps up on you. It is similar to the THC high, which is both mental and bodily with euphoria and mental stimulation. The high triggers hallucinations, which are mild and then intensify with time which are both auditory and visuals.

  1. Psychedelic Phase

The psychedelic effects are the last and usually enjoyed with blazing colors and music; the effects are intense hallucinations and mind-altering events, which can stay for almost 6 hours.


The Ganja express offers amazing magic Mushrooms, which are medically beneficial. Why wait when you can start the journey today at Ganja express!


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