You may have tried different cannabis products from different places. But do you know what you are missing out on?

Ganjaexpress - Best-selling products every cannabis lover must try once.

You are missing out on premium quality cannabis at low rates from the number 1 dispensary, which is Ganja express.  Want to know what makes them the best? Here are some of their products to make you drool.


The BOB vape cart refill is a high-quality vape product at a pocket-friendly price. Made up with some outclass quality hardware, this cart refill has high concentration levels of THC. When you smoke the vape, it gives you a psychoactive high due to its 86% THC levels. This vape cart refill comes in a vast variety of flavors like Blu Berri, BOB’s widow, Skittles, death bubba, blue dream, Jill Ahto, watermelon, and Pin Diesel.


The super delicious Cara melts from Ganja express are extremely tempting to even look at. They possess a very creamy, buttery, and caramel-like flavor. These sweet treats are infused with indica concentrated cannabis oil, giving them the cannabis extract with all the yummy flavors. The Cara melts come in a pack of 8 individually wrapped caramel pieces of 10 mg each.


Gorilla cookies are from Ganja express is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a 70:30 sativa to indica ratio. As for it taste, this strain has a strong but pleasant mint herb taste with traces of nut cookies alongside an earthy aroma. Gorilla cookies will give you a heavy head buzz with a euphoric state. It can be ideal for treating depression, mood swings, pain, and chronic stress.


Blue Meanie mushrooms, also referred to as Panaeolus cyanecens, and are known for creating psychoactive cerebral highs. These mushrooms from Ganja express possess a very high amount of psilocybin which is three times more than normal. It gives you a strong sensation of euphoria and relaxation, making you very absent-minded in your cerebral zone.


These super interesting products are a must-try for every cannabis loves out there. Experience a different high with each of these very appealing products from Ganjaexpress.

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