Whether you’re a newbie or a long time connoisseur of cannabis, a recreational user or a medical cannabis consumer, it’s important to source your cannabis products from a reliable and trustworthy supplier. With the spike of growth in mail order marijuana sites and online dispensaries we know it can be daunting when it comes to choosing where to spend your hard-earned money. Do you choose the site with the sleekest branding? A big corporate cannabis company or a small mom and pop grow operation that has been operating for decades?
This article aims to help you choose the right online dispensary for you. We know there are many options to choose from but in this case we will be sharing an analysis between two online dispensaries – Ganja Express and CBDOilCanada.shop Don’t let the name fool you, CBDOilCanada.shop carries a wide array of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and more.
Concluding who is the best online dispensary in Canada is not a straightforward task and several different criteria should be considered.
Ganja Express and CBD Oil Canada will be rated using these categories:
  • Website/Branding
  • Range of inventory/selection
  • Quality of products
  • Customer service/Delivery
  • Price (including sales and promotions)
For most Canadians, online shopping is a regular part of our lives, we order groceries, household goods, clothing, and fashion items, books and more. It’s a process where we have or designated shopping sites that we feel comfortable using but when it comes to cannabis, how do you choose your online dispensary?
Check out our comparison between GanjaExpress and CBDOilCanada.shop below for all the highlights of each online dispensary.
GanjaExpress is a well-known Canadian online dispensary, if you’ve ever shopped online for weed, you’ve likely come across their site. When it comes to branding and website usability, GanjaExpress rates well. Their branding is simple and clean and their website is fairly easy to navigate. Alternatively, CBDOilCanada.shop is also branded and organized in a user-friendly way. One plus of CBDOilCanada is their categories, instead of having on the massive hover-over menu like GanjaExpress, CBDOilCanada breaks it down into which categories you want to shop within, whether it’s cannabis flowers, edibles, oils, or extracts/concentrates, etc. CBDOilCanada gets an A+ for navigability.
When it comes to inventory and selection of products GanjaExpress prides itself on having a large product lineup, they aim to give you an array of products to buy, their inventory includes marijuana flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, topicals, CBD oil including pet products, and more. While GanjaExpress’s goal is going for the superstore of cannabis, CBDOilCanada.shop is a worthy competitor. CBDOilCanada has a large selection of similar products that GanjaExpress carries but it’s less overwhelming because they curate their products with a rigorous quality control team that uses an extensive checkpoint system when it comes to carrying new products in their online store. Overall, both online dispensaries, GanjaExpress and CBDOilCanada range at the top of all dispensaries when it comes to availability and range of their cannabis inventory.
This brings us to our next category: Quality of products
We believe that this is the most important factor to consider when purchasing cannabis. We consider cannabis medicine so it has to meet pharmacy style standards in terms of hygiene, freshness, consistency, and potency. When it comes to cannabis flowers, GanjaExpress sources from a variety of growers in BC, this is the reason why they’re able to offer 200+ strains at any given time. For a newbie cannabis shopper, this is a dream scenario but for those long-time consumers, you likely know your favorite strains and stick to them. GanjaExpress also grades their flowers from AA-AAAA which we found was fairly accurate compared to other online dispensaries. The main challenge we found with GanjaExpress was the consistency of their product, we believe this may be due to the fact that they source products from different growers based on price. CBDOilCanada.shop sells more than CBD Oil, they are also known for the quality of their Cannabis flowers. You’ll notice that they don’t grade their flowers like GanjaExpress, this is because they are all a minimum of AAA weed meaning that you’ll always receive premium bud. The reason that CBDOilCanada.shop can do this is because they grow all their cannabis in house. They start with award-winning genetics and further refine their plants through careful selection. This ensures that customers get pungent weed with impressive potency.
Continuing with quality, both online dispensaries, GanjaExpress and CBDOilCanada.shop carry edibles, concentrates and more. Both carry a large number of Canadian Cannabis brands and they are for the most part all reputable and known in the industry. CBDOilCanada has a more tightly curated selection likely due to their quality team but with both online dispensaries, you can feel comfortable shopping for these products and know that they’ll have what you’re looking for.
Next on the list is customer service and delivery. GanjaExpress has good customer service, we were able to contact them via email and they replied within 24-28hrs. In terms of delivery, GanjaExpress’s service is satisfactory. For a shipment to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the delivery took 5-10 business days. Although not lightning fast, quite reasonable. Just make sure you give yourself enough time when ordering so you don’t run out. When it comes to customer service, CBDOilCanada.shop has an online contact form and email where you can reach out if you have any questions. All of our questions were answered within 24 hrs. CBDOilCanada.shop delivery times vary between 3-7 business days. When it comes to their flowers they also take the time to double or triple wrap them (so strong and pungent) so your package’s contents are discreet.
Finally, let’s talk about price when it comes to both of these online dispensaries. Both GanjaExpress and CBDOilCanada.shop are competitively priced when it comes to the online dispensaries and mail-order marijuana (MoM) sites. What really sets them apart are their sales and promotions. GanjaExpress is known for their “Buy More, Save More” promotions that are always the first thing you see when you go to their page. We find this convenient if you like to buy bulk. CBDOilCanada.shop has a different approach to sales and pricing, firstly, they have an incredible Budget Buds section, connoisseurs from all over Canada and people who enjoy making their own edibles are this section’s biggest shoppers. Secondly, CBDOilCanada.shop has some amazing discount codes available for people who sign up for their email. Keep your eyes peeled, they send out discounts regularly but don’t wait for a coupon to purchase, if a new coupon comes out within 2 weeks of your purchase, they’ll give you a credit for the money you would’ve saved.
When it comes to choosing an online dispensary or mail order marijuana (MoM) site each shop has its own strengths and weaknesses, check out the sites and buy from the one that you trust the most. For us, we love online dispensaries who manage their own supply chain and grow their own bud so CBDOilCanada.shop is the winner in our books.

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