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Budget Buds - Must try these Ganjaexpress marijuana buds


Being light on your pocket, this strain from Ganjaexpress is an indica derived hybrid marijuana strain. It is known especially for its very strong and rich flavor. The reason why this strain is called the ‘3; Bear OG Kush’ is that it is a cross of 3 popular strains. The 3 Bears OG gives you a head high, making you feel calmed and slowly dwelling you into a sedative zone. It clearly helps with insomnia and stress.

818 OG

818 OG from Ganjaexpress is an OG Kush hybrid renowned with patients for alleviating pain, lack of appetite, as well as sleeplessness. It really is termed after the local zip code of the San Fernando Valley located in Los Angeles. The 818 OG, which is not to be mistaken with the other OG cut titled after the city, seems to have an extremely fruity taste that is so dissimilar from the SFV OG’s bitter, earthy diesel flavoring.

Juicy fruit

The Juicy Fruit from Ganjaexpress is a hybrid marijuana strain crafted with a cross of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa. It has an eye-catching appearance of big leaves and a thick stem. This strain has a very fruity taste that seems like a mix of several fruits with a hint of tanginess, and so is its aroma, all fruity. This strain is known to give you a moderate head high and a feeling of dizziness which can last for over 3 hours.


The best quality strains at Ganjaexpress await you at a very low cost. Before they are sold out or run out of stock, get your hands on them!

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