Best ways to smoke weed: Four Tips for First Time Weed Smokers

There is always a first time, even if it’s using weed as a therapeutic alternative for medical reasons. Many individuals are afraid of weed because they do not know what to expect from the effects. Ganja express offers amazing weed strains and explains the Best ways to smoke it for beginners. This online dispensary is safe and secure.

Choosing Weed

When it comes to deciding between starting weed or not, brief research should be made. As it is a known fact that weeds is more effective in neuronal and chronic pain, it has been used to treat anxiety and depression; then, the choice should be easier to make.

Tips for Beginners

To know the Best ways to smoke weed from Ganja express, you must understand how and why you are doing this. You need to mellow down into it. All factors need to be taken into consideration.


  1. Let go

No matter what you may have seen or experienced, let it go and start fresh. Holding on to past experiences will always ruin your present experience. When you inhale weed, your mind should be at ease and have positive thoughts. Fear will only be aggravated.

  1. Smoke it

It is better to smoke your weed, for starters, and the best ways to smoke it are;

  • Regular joint
  • Bong
  • Blunt
  • Vape

It will give you a good enough stimulation for a good amount of time, but ingesting it as edibles will give you a longer buzz and even end up irritating you.

  1. Dose it

Always go for a smaller dose, trust a dispensary like Ganja express to send you a calculated dose or just use your intuition for the smallest dose possible. You can always add more lately. A larger dose, in the beginning, will just put you over the edge, and there won’t be much of the therapeutic effects you were aiming for.

  1. Strains

Starting with a hybrid strain, it has both mental stimulation and bodily high, which maintains a balanced buzz for beginners. Choose the Best ways to smoke your hybrid by any preferred means.


As a beginner, trust Ganja express with premium quality weed and instructions on the best ways to smoke it. They aim at therapeutic healing, and that is guaranteed.


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