Have you planned a get-together over the weekend with your friends to chill around? We can help you pretty well with that. Do you and your friends enjoy some cannabis? To make this get-together a very chill and memorable one, Ganja express  has some amazing strains for you and your friends. These strains are the best that you will find to enjoy friends get-together like never before.

Best Selling Cannabis - Must try these Ganjaexpress Strains for chilling with friends.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights from Ganja express is a completely Indica dominant marijuana strain. Coated with crystal-like trichomes, this strain possesses a spicy yet sweet citrusy flavor with a strong spicy-sweet aroma. Upon inhaling, you will feel a strong euphoric sensation with deep body relaxation. Northern lights are known to treat bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD.

Marathon OG

This best-selling strain at Ganja express is a highly Indica dominant hybrid with a 70:30 Indica to Sativa ratio. It holds a very earthy and lemon citrus aroma with a savory yet spicy taste with hints of herbs. When you inhale Marathon OG, it will give you a relaxing body buzz with sedative waves. It can be a good treatment for insomnia, stress, and fatigue.

Gorilla Cookies

This banger bus from Ganja express holds a 70:30 Indica to Sativa ratio, clearly making it an Indica hybrid. As for the taste, it holds a very sweet herbal and menthol flavor with nutty undertones. The aroma is earthier with hints of spice and herbs. This strain will give you full-body buzz and make you creative. It can treat nausea, mood swings, and depression.

Misty Kush

This strain is a balanced 50:50 hybrid strain produced by a cross of Northern Lights and White Widow. It has a very fruity sweet lemon-like taste along with a pretty fragrant citrusy aroma. When you inhale Misty Kush, it will give you a high cerebral, making you relaxed yet focused. This Ganja express strain can treat ADHD/ADD, eye pressure, pains, and insomnia.


Trying these strains from Ganja express will deliver you just the right kind of effects that you want.


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