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For anyone looking for a delicious way of consuming cannabis, Firechews offers a healthy alternative to smoking. You can choose from a wide range of wonderfully flavored THC infused gummies, including Grapefruit, Blueberry, Grape, Watermelon, and  one of our most popular, Fruit Punch.  FireChews are infused with either THC and are lab-tested to ensure customers always receive the highest quality with consistent and accurate dosing.  Mota Edibles are available to order online at  
Toronto, April 14, 2020
In the past few years, the popularity of edibles has skyrocketed.  One of the main reasons cannabis consumers love edibles because they are able to accurately regulate their dose of THC or CBD.  Reputable companies, such as FireChews, have a 100 point quality control checklist to ensure that their edibles contain accurate dosing, perfect flavor profiles, and giving users piece of mind as well as medical-quality cannabis 
Another reason edibles, specifically THC gummies, have become much loved in the cannabis community is that they offer users a more potent and longer-lasting high.  Although edibles can take an hour or more to take effect, they can last for a number of hours. This enduring effect ensures you get a great bang for your buck and eases your symptoms for a longer period.
Finally, one of the best characteristics of FireChews Gummies is that they offer a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis.  You can carry them in your lunchbag, purse, pocket and consume them openly whereas the traditional methods of cannabis consumption, such as smoking require a designated place to consume. Using edibles also avoids all health concerns connected to inhaling products and offers a safe alternative.
Not only do edibles offer an alternative to smoking and inhaling, but they also offer a wide range of products to suit everyone’s individual tastes and preferences.  Brands such as FireChews offer a huge range of flavors, sample the selection to find your favorites!
FireChews is a cannabis brand based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. They are experts in producing high-quality marijuana edibles that combine great taste with high THC potency.  Edibles include classic gummy candies but if you prefer chocolate, try Firebars they also have a decadent range of cannabis infused chocolate that include flavours such as, Hazelnut Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Almonds, Mint Cookie Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Berry Blast, Dark Chocolate Blueberry, Milk Chocolate S’Mores and so much more. FireChews and FireBars products are popular with both recreational users and those requiring medicinal edibles. is proud to offer all FireChews Gummies in all flavors which are dosed at 100mg THC per package. They are effective in producing a comfortable and relaxed high that can ease pain and relieve stress. and FireChews have worked closely with patients to help provide them with the best cannabis strains and the top-quality edibles, their goal being to increase quality of life and health of medical cannabis users by providing cannabis in small, manageable doses that are also a treat to consume.

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