Chocolate is the favourite flavour of people all around the world. Chocolate incorporated into anything makes the product taste like heaven. Firebars are one of a kind for chocolate cannabis. This is highly in demand ever since it came into existence. Let us help you find the right and unique flavours for firebars to satisfy your cannabis cravings.

Chocolate Orange

This flavour is the most demanded out of all at the dispensary. Known for its tangy orange hint in the chocolate along with nuts makes it stand out in the Firebars range. Known for its building strains, its impeccable Flavours and aroma make the consumer want this type of firebar again.

Strawberry Shortcake

Make Medicating Easy and Delicious. This Firebars Strawberry Shortcake is ideal for individuals who need to cure without smoking or breathing in Cannabis. That and the individuals who love chocolate!

Milk Chocolate

The basic flavour is also wanted by many people all around the world. Known for its basic chocolate properties with cannabis incorporated is used by people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Chocolate French Vanilla

The consumer is evolving and become even more influential day by day. The consumer demand is changing day by day as well. This unique flavour of chocolate French vanilla is new in the market and demanded by many consumers all over the world, which is available now.


Firebars are safe to consume; trying weed for the first time can be a different game in itself, but firbars are the best solution for all your cannabis needs. Hurry up, order yours now.

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