Five things for you to know about CBD Tinctures and sleep

If you have been dealing with irregular sleep cycles and insomnia, you have come to the right place, CBD tinctures is no magic, but it can regulate the hormones and enzymes in the body that can restore natural function and lead to a healthy sleep cycle. These tinctures from DistillateDirect are one of the blessings.

How can CBD help insomnia?

Insomnia and sleep regulation are associated with dopamine levels dropping from normal levels. When you ingest CBD from DistillateDirect before your sleeping hours, it helps replenish your dopamine reservoirs and helps relax your muscles which helps you sleep.

CBD influence on REM sleep

The REM sleep is a nightmare or part of sleep that has dreams where the brain is active and there is recurrent muscle movement; CBD helps in depressing the dreams and movements. The anxiolytic effect of CBD tincture from DistillateDirect helps in reducing anxiety-related Rem sleep and helps in increasing the hours of non-Rem sleep. This helps in better sleep and a longer duration of entire sleep time.

Effect on NREM with CBD

The relaxation effect of CBD and the anxiolytic effect of CBD relax the mind, slow down the neuronal firing, and increase the NREM sleep, which makes a good duration of sleep and helps retain energy and health. When the Non-Rem sleep is increased, it increases the no dream part of the sleep, which has no dreams, eye movements, or muscle movement.

Hours of sleep

It depends on the dosage and the potencies that can reduce and increase the sleep duration. A drop of tincture is enough for a good night’s sleep. With higher potencies and doses, it can last up to two days.

After sleep effects

Usually, users of high CBD potencies feel dizzy after waking up. Something might feel fuzzy, but a maintained dose every other day can make you feel fresh and energized.


There are many drugs used for similar reasons, but the tolerance build-up is a real concern; it was found that CBD Tinctures has an anxiolytic-like effect when it comes to testing insomnia and has imipramine-like effects when treating depression. Get all the best CBD Tinctures at DistillateDirect


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