Who said Cannabis is all bad? For decades, the legalizing of certain Cannabis strains has been of controversy for many, and while there are abusers in every domain, there is no denying that they can be used to achieve better health and lifestyle. This is why  BMWO  offers you a huge variety of strains, particularly helping with insomnias and sleep disorders. BMWO would highly recommends you check your lifestyle requirements before opting for any of these strains to fix the problems mentioned above.


Black Gold (AAA)

BMWO offers this strain which is a crossover of the Black Domina, Hash Plant, Afghanistan, Canadian, and Northern Lights strains. This is better to be taken in the latter part of the day; as it has relaxing and mellowing effects on the mind and body and make sure to not take it if you have any work due soon. Initially, it can be euphoric, which leads to a calming, sleepy effect by the end of it.

Key Lime (AAA)

The Key Lime strain is a hybrid, and the reason BMWO has added this to its recommended strains is because it impacts the body in a relaxing way, great help with insomnia, and relieving chronic pains. As the name suggests, the flavor is a combination of candy, lime, spice, and mint. Upon exhalation, however, it turns chocolatey and earthy.

Purple Kush (AAA)

A hybrid crossing of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush, it has effects of intense euphoric relaxation, curing the body of tension and sleeplessness, hence ideal for dealing with insomnia.

Pink Kush (AAAAA)

BMWO presents Pink Kush, a hybrid once again. It lives up to its name with a sensational and overpowering high, eventually leading to a mellowing experience that rids the body of tension and, eventually, insomnia. The potency of this strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses are known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.


It is now up to you whether you want to keep going with better sleep thanks to the strains offered by BMWO or with disrupted sleep patterns due to insomnia and fatigue.


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