Kootenay Labs – The Balm regular Strength

If you are looking at this, chances are, you are no stranger to muscle pain. Well, what if we told you that Kootenay Labs – The Balm regular Strength might just help alleviate that ache? Yes, there is a new kind of topical ointment from Kootenay Labs, that is infused with marijuana’s cannabidiol (CBD). Its producers claim it that it can help relieve muscle soreness and acute pain. CBD which is almost similar to THC, except for the act that it is non-psychoactive, is part of this product’s magical ingredients. It is for this reason that most researchers have named it the golden child of medical use. This balm is manufactured by infusing the flowers of high-quality cannabis into some kind of special olive or oil-coconut that have hemp extracts with active compounds of CBD. The final product is then blended with other therapeutic herbs, like lemongrass or arnica essential oils, which for centuries now have been known for their pain-relieving properties.

When you read the list of ingredients on Kootenay Labs – The Balm regular Strength from BMWO, you are certain to see that most of the components in the pack come straight from mother earth. So as long as that’s indeed the jar with ointment you have your eyes on, then you can be confident that the formula is chemical free and therefore, immensely safe.

Kootenay Labs – The Balm regular Strength from BMWO works in different ways, with the first being its interactions with endocannabinoids which the body uses to maintain homeostasis by regulating and detecting pain, hunger, memory, and mood. Once applied on the skin, around the regions with pain, CBD in the product prompts more release of endocannabinoids by diminishing metabolism. The other mode of action involves working with the inflammatory mediators produced by the immune system when it detects damage on the skin. When applied around the sore spot, CBD encourages the release of proinflammatory signals, which help in the release of endocannabinoids and inflammatory mediators. This ensures that pain and inflammation are both controlled simulatenously.

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