Who wouldn’t want to start their day on a brighter and happier note every day? And it is possible if you start doing wake ‘n’ bake, but can you keep it going for long? Well yeah! There is always a proper way to wake ‘n’ bake and have the best results out of it. Some tips offered by  Bmwo  will help to keep things on track.


Wake “n” Bake for real

The latter meaning of wake”n” bake means to have a joint or consume marijuana in any form, first thing in the morning. This statement implies before breakfast. It is something stoners and chronic smokers usually do. Many can argue that it is because of the way they consume it.


When you want to incorporate cannabis or a routine in your day, it is always better to consult with the professionals, such as the Bmwo. Here you can buy best quality strains for wake “n” bake.

  1. Strain

Choose your strain from Bmwo wisely; if you have to work and get errands done through the day, Sativa it is! But if you have a day off and want to relax or need to numb your pain, Indica is your best choice. Or you can take CBD or THC concentrates.

  1. Meal

It is always better to get a hit after a light meal such as a snack, nothing too heavy or filling, maybe a piece of fruit or a cracker! Wake n bake on an empty stomach will leave you dizzy and nauseous.

  1. List

To enjoy fully, it is better to have everything off of your mind, so clear your schedule and make a list.

  1. Hobbies

After you have taken a hit, it is better to dive into a book, some music, or any hobby you like.

  1. Ingest it

Rather than smoking, it is better to incorporate it in your drink, such as a coconut crusher or kombucha, or just make hearty pancakes from it.


The Bmwo online dispensary is available to all and offers different strains, especially for medical use. You can use them for your wake “n” bake as well.

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